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Finding the right content experts for your content team. That can be a big challenge. Because who exactly do you need? And what job title do you give them? Content specialists now have 101 different names for their expertise. All these job titles are filled in differently at every company. How do you know which content experts you need for your content team? With these 3 steps you will certainly succeed. Select by skills The answer is actually simple.

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Do you want to find the right content experts? Then select on skills . Think about what skills you need to achieve your content goals. By selecting this, you can be sure that you are hiring the right content experts. This way you avoid hiring someone Belarus WhatsApp Number List who has a lot of experience with copywriting, while you were looking for someone with a lot of Photoshop skills. Achieving your goals becomes easier with these three steps: Set your goals What does your content team look like? What expertise are you still missing?

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Woman thinks at laptop. 1. Set your goals The first step is to map out your content goals. What goals do you have? Is that informing, inspiring, converting? Or all? Pay enough attention to formulating your goals. And the following applies: better too much attention than too little. Your goals are the key to the success – and therefore the profitability – of your company. So make your goals as specific as possible. Also write down which tools and skills you will need.

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