Use This Brief Product Description Formula to Inform and Delight

I wanted to write about the item description, but I’m not a specialist. I was very excited when Krista Walsh, a freelance copywriter for an e-commerce small business, agreed to share her wisdom. So I hope you enjoy Crysta’s article without any further effort. Let’s be honest here. The product description formula I’m trying to share with you is a version of what old-fashioned marketers have used for decades: AIDA.  Image Manipulation Service That is, attention, interest, desire, and action . But the official problem with old-fashioned marketing is that it’s too abstract for those who aren’t old-fashioned marketers. Get attention (how?). Spark Interest (but how?). Create desires (seriously, how?).

Image Manipulation Service

Drive Action (is It Okay ??). Do You Know What I Mean?

That’s why I took the foundation of this formula and put it together in a simple plug and play formula for shop owners and product creators. Ultimately, you can use this formula to write a product description that informs and pleases your customers. Ready? Let’s dive. Start with a conversion statement How will someone’s life improve after they buy your product? It’s best to lean more magnificently than literally. Seek the greatest benefit your customers will experience with your product . And don’t mention specific features yet. If you get stuck, it’s helpful to think about the conversion statement using the following structure:”With Products, you can [do / create / do] this exciting thing you’ve always wanted!” For example, imagine your product is called an Amazing Stand Mixer.

Your Text Is with Our Amazing Stand Mixer,

you can be the cake boss in your kitchen!” Then add the proof The next few sentences in the product description should elaborate on the conversion statement. Imagine you proudly told your prospects your transformation. … And they replied, “OK, but how?” The following few sentences are intended to “prove” the conversion statement by explaining the main features of the product. In the stand mixer example, you could write: “Five mixing speeds

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