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We can also see that the phone interface retains. The shadow of windows mobile 6.5 (x in the upper right corner). It’s a pity that although Malaysia Phone Number windows mobile 6.5 has an excellent interface, under the competition. Of android and ios, the advantage is gone. But at least microsoft has seen such a trend. In the next few Malaysia Phone Number years, mobile. Devices (smartphones, tablets) have indeed led. A generation trend, driven the development of many industries. And made our lives more convenient. 6. Big data analysis in the video. We saw that everyone was carrying very. Portable computing and display devices.

It Was Impossible Malaysia Phone Number

To have such strong computing Malaysia Phone Number power at that time. So we had to resort to cloud computing. In the 2009 video, we still can’t see the shadow of big data analysis, but in the 2015 video. We have seen too many footprints of big data analysis.such as the selection of the heroine’s resume, the simulation. Calculation of the Malaysia Phone Number harvest of seabed creatures, etc. All are the result of big data analysis. Relying on big data analysis, it is the cloud computing technology behind it. Big data analysis also plays an important. Role in our life. Open a shopping websit. And the system of the website calculates. What we may need based on our purchase history, browsing history. And other traces in the browser.

Although Many People Malaysia Phone Number

Malaysia Phone Number

Are disgusted by this, it does help us Malaysia Phone Number live a better life. For example, this electronic newspaper appeared. In the video in 2009, it can customize the content according to the user’s interests, and can be updated in real time (the article clicked in the video reads “published 2 hours ago”). 7. Remote collaborative office Malaysia Phone Number from taking it with you to working with you, this is a change that all office workers can experience in recent years. In 2009, everyone still worked in the office. Or carried a laptop with them, but in 2015, even if the team members are. Scattered all over the world, everyone can still. Easily use various devices through network video. Collaboration platform and other means to carry out collaborative office.

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