We Have To Know What We Do With Profiles Have Originated

The brand must sincerely apologize and solve the problem with the actual product or service that has been contracted or paid for. -Product or service already used: depending on the company, the normal thing, in addition to apologies where the crisis originated in social networks, is to give all possible options so that the person does not report the company or campaign against it her. For example, returning the money or a new product/service, plus financial compensation. -Serious Crisis: Thus, these crises within our Social Network Crisis Plan are the most difficult. *Public Opinion echoes and attacks a product or service of the company. * Hoaxes or false news. * False testimonials…

Solutions to Serious Crises: -If it is true: sincere apologies in all social channels and media that the company is able to be. To say that the crisis has served to turn on and improve for the future. -If it’s a lie: the same thing is done, but counteracting with a lot of information in a dosed way, and in all the media available to the brand. Step 4 – What do we do with the person(s) at the origin of the crisis In our Crisis Plan in social networks it. The social media crisis protocol will indicate the steps to follow: -Avoid direct and public confrontation on the social network.

Continuous Learning Of Delicate Situations

Even with everything, if the crisis continues, people are blocked from accessing the brand’s content on social networks. Step 5 – Learning for the future Each crisis in social networks does not help to improve in the management of future crises. Our Crisis business email database Plan in social networks must be, and how to solve them. Thus, it is good to prepare a battery of frequently asked questions and answers , to speed up customer service on social networks: -Include the main questions from customers. -Monitor the competition to add new ones that may arise. -What people are going to give those answers. -Prepare standard messages to begin and end the response sentences.

business email database
business email database

Conclusion: create your Social Media Crisis Plan Crises in social networks, although they seem distant, can occur. Keep in mind that you have public profiles that everyone sees, and therefore, they can be replicated at any time, and can affect your online reputation . The normal thing is that they are good answers , or neutral . But there are negative responses that require action by the brand. And that is why you need to have a personalized protocol to know how to act properly. Do you consider the Crisis Plan in social networks essential for a brand?

There Are Several Negatives To Monitor

Monitor product name opinions Thus, the largest brands on social networks. With more stock of products, will logically be able to attract more. Negative comments than smaller brands, although there is everything. In the example of Ikea, I have BS Leads chosen one of the best searches «Ikea Transport + opinions), and these are some of the results obtained: They are a part of the results, in addition to negative reviews and other results. There would be plenty of work. Make a list of the products or services that attract the most negative comments , both to follow and counteract them, and to improve our product and service quality for the future, as long as those opinions are real and contrasted.

Monitor keywords in your professional sector Search Google.. Other search engines, with tools such as the Google Ads Keyword Planner. Terms related to your industry, looking at the best searches, related questions and related search terms. Monitor keywords on the web On our website, some words bring more traffic than others. Do you know which ones they are? You can find out with Google’s Search Console tool . It shows what interests people on our website, what searches they do. It is also useful to see the most visited landing pages. That is, the pages of our website that are of most interest.

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