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They have their well organized list. The list is organized by everyone, just listing, just reducing. This makes it easy to browse through all the different lists. 13. REIS Residential This real estate agent website has everything you need Italy WhatsApp Number List be a great website. There is a video sharing different statics about Seattle. Plus, there’s a contact form, Google Maps, market updates, and lots of social media links. Reis Residential features an Instagram section that displays important information such as open homes, homes for sale, and real estate updates.

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Tianzhu Team Team Diva has a different color scheme than other realtor sites. This website uses a purple and blue color scheme. Simple icons are used to help explain the different links. The site features informative Italy WhatsApp Number List and videos on YouTube. 15. JL Seattle Real Estate This site is very simple but very informative. Each link at the top of the page has some detailed paragraphs explaining different aspects of the website.

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Testimonials from customers are also very detail many of them. The comment page is always up. There’s even information about Seattle that can be helpful in deciding where to live. 16. KW Greater Seattle KW Greater Italy WhatsApp Number List website has a cool scrolling feature where the content goes into the frame as you scroll. They use bright red to make the site pop. Many strong CTAs on the home page want potential leads.

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