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So you need to know which devices are used to view your website. Visitors to your website view your website with different screen resolutions. Your site will be viewed on large 4K resolution screens (3840×2160 pixels), smartphones and all screens with various pixel sizes in between. A website is generally made for screens that are the standard and used by most visitors. Nowadays the standard screens are full HD, so 1920×1080 pixels.

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Image resolution On the MediaMarkt website (February 2022), most screens (about half) that are offered are full HD. The other four sizes have Albania WhatsApp Number List more pixels. In the coming years, the standard will move towards Quad HD (2560×1440 pixels). Using your Google Search Console, you can see which devices your visitors use to view your website. URL Inspection The visitors of my company photography website advertisingbeeld.

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Nl view it for 68% on a desktop. If you provide a service or product to private individuals with your website, the use of mobile devices will be somewhat greater than if you focus (like me) on B2B. The pixel size of smartphones and tablets is smaller than full HD. Usually website settings ensure that websites are also displayed nicely on smaller screens. Your site can then automatically generate smaller versions of your photos. Photos in a header It is therefore useful to adjust the photo size to the screens of your visitors.

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