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Customize the permission prompt and set the delay time so that your website visitors are ready to subscribe and have a smooth user experience. Make the content of web push notifications consistent with the content of the page to which you direct your subscribers. Otherwise, instead of bringing benefits, you will be hurting your SEO. For example, if you are promoting a sale but directing your subscribers to a product page with standard prices, it will result in rejection. Use segmentation to match the needs of your subscribers. You can create subscriber groups based on the pages they visit. This way, you will know which categories of your website are most relevant to a particular group of subscribers.

Especially In Terms Of Saving

Additionally, filters can be applied by location, device, and browser to better target your content. If your content reaches the right audience, it will increase the amount of time you spend on the website and lower your bounce rate. Choose the optimal frequency for sending notifications. Strike a balance between being annoying and being too shy. This will result in South Africa Phone Number List more engagement and CTR, so you will get more pageviews and increase the number of returning visitors. Set the right time for sending web push notifications so that they reach your subscribers at a time when they are more likely to read the content and are not irritated.

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The Benefits Don’t Stop There

Are there any downsides to using push notifications for SEO? Some push notification services may slightly slow down your page speed, just like any WordPress plugin or script. However, their influence is negligible. Thus, web push notifications cannot harm SEO and website performance. However, you need to take care of your subscribers’ convenience BS Leads and consider their interests to create a great user experience. In this way, web push notifications will improve engagement rates that influence search engine ranking decisions on your website.

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