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Time spent on the site Time spent on your site is the time people spend on your site after they open it. The more time users spend on the website, the better it is rated in the rankings. For search engines, it is information whether the user has found what they are looking for. In order to improve the time spent on the website, it is necessary to add relevant keywords to the content. How push notifications affect the time spent on the website The Oncrawl research shows that the time spent on the website for push notifications is three times longer than for social media. If the title and description of the website are consistent with its content.

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Returning visitors Website owners struggle to attract new visitors. However, returning visitors are potential customers who drive conversions. For search engines, returning visitors indicate the credibility of your site and its value to users. How push notifications affect returning visitors Returning visitors and repeat visits are perhaps the most important South Korea Phone Number List indicators for push notifications. They are driving the rate of returning visitors to a higher level . For blogs and news sites, push notifications are usually the primary source of recurring traffic. The push campaign is targeting the right audience thanks to subscriber segmentation, push subscribers are likely to spend more time on the page than the average visitor.

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In this way, push notifications contribute to increasing readership and increasing advertising revenues on media services. At the same time, web push helps websites gain in the eyes of the search engines, as BS Leads repeated visits are what web push does best. Best practices for push notifications to improve SEO Use automatic notifications to immediately notify your subscribers of new posts. This way, you’ll be lightning-fast in delivering the latest news to your readers, and you’ll also be ahead of them with better indexing and faster search engine presence.

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