What Are the Local Seo Ranking Factors?

To further understand what those local seo ranking factors are, you need. To first understand how google displays search results with local intent.

When a user does a search for “places to eat sushi in cdmx”. For example, this is what will be seen on the page:

Google can first serve up a promoted link in that location. Like in this particular example, and then display a list of businesses and. Their location from their google my business or google maps signup .

Those first three results are called “local pack”. By clicking on “see all”, the user. Will be directed to a site called local finder, with a complete. List of businesses that are similar to what they are looking for.

Right Below That, Google Will Display Organic Links

You may notice that the local pack and the organic links present different lists. This happens because the search algorithms are specific to each section and consider different factors and rules to organize that positioning .

The moz study shows the main positioning factors that google considers for local seo, both for the local pack and for organic results.

See how important the Communication Directors Email Lists factors are for each section.

Local seo ranking factors
Company data in google my business, for example, is essential for positioning in local pack. But, for the organic listing they are secondary — more important are factors like link building , on-page seo , and user behavior.

For that reason, some businesses that rank well in local pack may not appear in the top positions in organic results.

So, it is necessary to do a complete optimization,

Communication Directors Email Lists

Both on your site and on your google my business, to achieve good positions in both sections .

For the positioning of businesses in local pack and local finder, google is based on different criteria , summarized in proximity, prestige and relevance.

We explain the latter a little better.

The proximity criterion refers to the distance of the business in relation to the user or the location term that is typed in the search engine. Google understands that the most relevant results for them are those that are closest.

If a user does not specify a region in the search terms, what happens is that google calculates the distance using location information they have about that person.

For example, if you use a phone with gps, the search engine can identify where the device is at that moment.

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