What Are the Main Stages of the Buying Process?

Do you remember that we said that the purchase process is like walking a path that passes through several points? We can see that the further down the path our lead goes through this process, the further down the sales funnel they go .

The sales funnel is a visual metaphor that helps us understand the buying process. Let’s see what are the steps that make up the purchase process and what to do in the marketing part to get the potential customer to buy from you.

1. Discovery at First, the Buyer Persona May

Not even want to buy anything. It may even be that he doesn’t even realize that he has a problem that could be solved with a product from your company. It’s a good time to set an example, right?

Let’s say you work with online music courses. Imagine a C Level Executive List buyer persona who wants to learn a bit about musical scales. What you really need is a complete music course, but you don’t realize it yet.

So instead of searching for a course, you go to Google and search for the keyword “musical scales.” It is at that moment that you have the opportunity to be found. But what will it depend on? From a blog full of relevant content in the musical area.

In fact, for the right people to

C Level Executive List

Find your business, you need to produce rich articles and materials with a well-defined buyer persona in mind and the keywords they are likely to use in their search.

When the navigator visits your articles, they will find links that will guide them to other educational publications. He will run around with his musical instrument to practice and then come back to the blog to continue learning.

At some point, the person will find a CTA (call to action) that will invite them to download an improvisation ebook, for example. That is when she will become a lead, because to receive the ebook, she must provide her name and email.

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