What Can I Do To Understand The Instagram Algorithm And Master

Now I will give you some practical tips to succeed on Instagram , little by little, to gain ground on the Instagram algorithm and gain reach and visibility for your account. Connect with other accounts To gain notoriety on Instagram with your professional account you have, as I said before, to leave your Instagram account. Instagram is a social network, and its goal is to connect people through accounts. You have to generate conservation around your brand, with posts that respond to their interests. If they feel recognized, they will participate in your content, you will increase interaction and your engagement. This translates into more and more quality followers. Track similar accounts Similar accounts, larger than yours, have an audience that interests you.

With Comments On Your Instagram Account

Enter the conversations of those accounts and let yourself be seen, attract attention with comments that they contribute and creative. Thus, look for those accounts (audit + social media plan) and start a background job that eventually pays off. You will see how part of those accounts begin to reach yours, first with likes, and later, the most loyal. If they ask something in those third-party accounts, you respond as a company account to south korea phone numbers that comment and add value. The value attracts quality followers to whoever does it, and generates more conversation around your brand, taking advantage of the shelter of the largest brand by number of followers. Best time to post on Instagram It is key not to post on Instagram when you can, but at the best time.

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Look For The Best Time To Post On Instagram

Either in Instagram business statistics , or with external tools such as Metricool . Look for those good moments in the week. Look for all the best ones by posting a lot, by trial and error. You will learn to detect those moments, and take advantage BS Leads of them for the benefit of your account, and you will better combat the Instagram algorithm. Comments are answered You have to get in the habit of responding to comments left on your Instagram account . One of the actions that the Instagram algorithm takes into account the most. Personalized comments, but everything, even the most general ones, has to be answered with a few words from you.

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