What expertise are you still missing?

There is a good chance that he knows your content management system better than you think and wants to develop further in content management. So always talk to your existing team. Who knows, you might just find the right content expert with the right skills there. Also handy: you immediately have more insight into the qualities of the people who make up your team. Ensure a pleasant and open atmosphere during the conversation. After all, it is not an evaluation.

Now that you have clear goals

It should give you insight into the ambitions and different skills of your employees. Colleagues talking to each other about skills. 3. What expertise are you still missing? Now that you have clear goals and team skills, it is time to analyze all Belize WhatsApp Number List the data and look for the skills you are still missing. Because are you still looking for a designer who has a lot of experience with brand identity ?

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List the required skills

Or a copywriter with a sense of storytelling ? List the required skills in your vacancies. That helps you find content specialists. Examples of content skills are data analytics, storytelling, systems management, branding, content creation and digital marketing. No space or budget to hire someone? It is of course possible that a new employee does not currently fit within the budget of your organization.

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