What Is Hubspot And How Does It Help Your Business Grow?

You’ve heard of HubSpot or Inbound, but you don’t know what it is and how it helps your business. In this article we explain how these two terms mean growth and business results. Let us begin! what-is-hubspot-and-how-it-helps-grow-your-company What is HubSpot? It is a platform designed with all the necessary tools to help businesses attract visitors to their website, convert them into registrations, and ultimately transform them into customers.

HubSpot is the platform that allows you to implement the principles of the Inbound methodology , whose pillar is: “Attract customers through non-intrusive ways”, that is, through strategies that attract customers with useful content and that facilitate their process through the different stages of the purchase journey they carry out. And how did HubSpot start? In 2006 Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah created the vision of Inbound Marketing and developed the platform, realizing that the buying behavior of users had radically changed .

They Noticed That People Had Modified

Their purchase process, since they now increasingly use the internet as a source of information to better choose between different product options. They are no longer just satisfied with what they see on television or what a sales agent offers them, people can find thousands of different alternatives with a single click . Faced with a phone number in morocco new scenario, they created a non-intrusive customer acquisition methodology that allows companies to attract, convince and retain people interested in a certain product or service to strategically achieve their business objectives.

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In a nutshell, the Inbound methodology consists of: Attract: Attract qualified prospects with content that is interesting and helps them in their buying process. Optimize it in search engines and reach more people with social networks . Convert: Collect data from visitors to your website through forms. Invite visitors to perform specific actions on your site in order to obtain information about them (download an ebook, guide, access a webinar, request demos, etc.) Close: To close more sales, manage your pipeline effectively.

Nurture Prospects With Valuable Content

That accompanies them in their purchase process and make the sales. Team talk to the right people at the right time . Delight: Your customers can be your best promoters or your biggest detractors. Interact intelligently and keep adding value to improve their shopping experience and build loyalty, thus increasing repurchases and recommendations. What does the HubSpot software include? HubSpot’s software integrates all the tools. You need in one place to be able to implement and develop the Inbound methodology.

Here we mention some of them: Email: Make automated mailings to certain people in your database. You can also schedule mailings for certain dates or other types of actions that are of interest to you. SEO : Increase your visibility in search engines. Optimize your content and website so that your company appears organically (without having to pay) within the first pages of search engines such as Google. Marketing automation.

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