What Is Inbound Business Marketing?

Consumer buying behavior has changed considerably in recent years. With the arrival of the Internet , users have thousands of products at their disposal, to be able to compare and choose the one that best suits them; Although this has given consumers a great advantage, it has put companies in a situation where they have to make greater efforts to attract customers. what-is-inbound-marketing Given this scenario, it is almost impossible for a company to think about looking for customers in a traditional way, they must think of different strategies that allow them to find their customers not only on the street, but also online, but how can they do this?

If we think about all the advertising we see while browsing the Internet, it probably gives us a headache just remembering how annoying it is, ideally we could only find what interests us, and an alternative of this type is accompanied by what is known as: Inbound Marketing. . It is a methodology that combines marketing techniques to reach a specific user without being intrusive through valuable content that accompanies them in their purchase process, providing useful information. How does this translate in an applied way?

What Is Inbound Marketing?

People who are in the initial stage of a purchase process are located, from there they are accompanied by providing them with valuable information for their consideration stage until they reach the decision stage, in order to later retain them. This means that we reach people through blogs , search engines and social networks . It basically consists business fax numbers list of four phases: Attract: Get visitors to your website, but only those who are most likely to become sales opportunities. This is achieved through valuable content that you generate through your site, SEO , social networks or internet advertising campaigns.

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Convert: Once you get them to visit your website, now the next step is to convert them into leads. Through registrations. To obtain registrations, you must offer your users relevant and personalized content. That they can download in exchange for filling out a form where they will provide you with their data. Close: You have already made the first contact with your prospects and you already have their data. Now is the perfect time to find out and resolve their doubts, providing them with useful information based on their interests and stages of the purchase cycle.

What Is The Inbound Methodology?

You must accompany your prospects in what is called a “nutrition” or “nurturing” process. Where you will guide them with valuable content to help them in their purchase process. This builds confidence in the prospect. As they will be better informed when making a decision. Remember that not all users are ready to buy at the first moment. Some will take a little longer, so you must manage your records with a CRM . Loyalty: You’ve finally got a customer, now what’s next? Don’t lose contact with him! Keep sending him information that may interest him, accompany him in his growth and know what his results are.

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