What is Local Seo?

In short, local SEO is a set of search engine optimization strategies that seek to improve the positioning of a brand when users search for solutions within a specific location or want to find the most relevant option around.

This type of optimization does not focus so much on the company’s site, but on its Google My Business page , which we will learn about in depth in this article.

Local SEO is designed for searches that contain a geographical component — this is the difference with regular SEO.

The location of the user searching for local businesses or pointing to a specific region in the terms or keywords , such as “downtown Guadalajara” or “in Jalisco”, triggers the local search algorithm and modifies the way Google displays its results.

This Type of Search Offers a Precise Look.

Google’s intention is to offer a better user experience during their interaction. Which is why it dedicates all its efforts to guaranteeing better results with the greatest possible agility.

So when a person searches for a restaurant or movie theater on google. The Business Development Directors Email Lists serp understands that this person is likely in need of options close to where they are.

What does that tell us? Well, the location of the user becomes. A relevant factor to filter and classify the results, since it allows. The user to quickly find, in the first positions , the option he needs.

With the increase in searches on mobile devices. The geographical component became super important for google.

In the end, smartphones accompany us everywhere and, therefore. Users demand that the search engine has an intelligence capable of offering. Relevant answers according to the location in real time.

In This Way, if You Are, for Example, at a Congress in Germany

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And you search for “exchange house”, google will offer you results in the city or town where you are. You do not need to specify that you need exchange houses in berlin, because google knows that you are there .

So, to increase the chances of your business showing up in those searches, local seo needs to show google that you’re optimized for the regions where those users are, and tell it that you’re a business that’s relevant in those places.

Later, you will understand much better what google considers most important to do and improve the positioning in that type of search.

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