What Is My Target Audience Interested In On Instagram?

Ensuring that it has been registered in our database is extremely valuable, but even more so is maintaining it. Send him a welcome message where you can tell him a little about the company and, above all, explain how you can help him. Promotional content should be only 10% The current digital user is constantly searching for information, so it is best that 90% of the contents of your newsletter be informative, educational or entertaining, and only 10% promotions. welcome-newsletter how to do Includes interactive formats Video is one of the formats that Internet users consume the most today, so why leave it out of our newsletter? Including a video increases the opening rate of the email , in this case it is important to announce it from the subject. GIFs are also an excellent resource especially when you are targeting a young audience.

How To Do Optimize The Subscription

In this case, the best alternative is to include a static image for recipients who cannot view them. Share content from your users The best thing you can do for the user is to make them the center of attention, they like it! Some ideas are to share your most relevant comments or tell stories with our products/services. Take advantage of seasonal events Current topics are a great idea for the user to be interested in philippines phone number format your content, you can address trending topics, events in your city or resort to seasonal topics such as summer. season-newsletter form Having an optimal form helps to generate more subscriptions.

philippines phone number format
philippines phone number format

This Is Perhaps One Of Most Important Newsletters

If you allow subscribers to interact with this novelty. You will be able to raise loyalty and conversion possibilities to the highest. Implement retargeting This practice is very successful for e-commerce. Keeping track of abandoned carts on a website is very important, you can send a newsletter to these users about the advantages, promotions or news of the abandoned product/service and resume sales BS Leads  possibilities. Take surveys that you should send, with them you will be able to obtain results to optimize segmentation. Collect information about their interests, level of satisfaction and even obtain new ideas. Mailify integrates a form editor called FormBuilder, which works intuitively with drag and drop modules. Where you can create attractive forms and surveys and customize them.

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