What Is The Return On Investment Of An Inbound Marketing Strategy?

When you are about to make the decision to invest in inbound, the obvious question is: What is the return on investment? In this article you will find the answer. what-is-the-return-on-investment-of-an-inbound-marketing-strategy What are the results of implementing inbound in my company? When a manager is evaluating implementing an inbound strategy, several questions arise: what are the results? Will I recover my investment? in how much time? In this article we will answer each question from the perspective of GrowX Agency.

Unlike traditional marketing, an inbound strategy is fully measurable and non-intrusive . Since it is focused on our client and not on our company; so the prospect is attracted to us and we are not the ones who pursue him with advertising, generating annoyance. Unlike digital marketing, which integrates some tactics such as SEO, pay per click (AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.), email marketing, among others. Inbound marketing is a methodology that integrates different tactics throughout the entire marketing and sales funnel to meet business growth objectives.

Which Translates Into The Identification

So the result translates into sales and revenue and not just prospects. In addition , in the first months you will have a better understanding of your clients , of areas of opportunity and the opening of new lines of business. What is theĀ business phone list return on investment of an inbound marketing and sales strategy? return-on-investment2. The return on investment depends on various factors of the company, the buyer and the product or service, such as market size, brand recognition, competition, purchase cycle time, product value, among others.

business phone list
business phone list

Elements; so there is no magic number. However, there are studies that show that a correctly executed Inbound strategy has a positive return on investment . If you invest between $25,000 to $100,000 dollars a year, you can get an ROI of up to 51% , vs 8% if that same investment were spent on traditional marketing (outbound). For those who have implemented inbound, this strategy provides the best sales opportunities to the sales team, increasing lead generation by 54%.

The Generation Of Leads And Sales Closings

Also according to mashable , in an inbound strategy the cost of customer acquisition is 62% less than a traditional marketing strategy. In 2017 inbound was the driver of our growth strategy and we generated 8 times more leads . For GrowX Agency, inbound is not a fad, but a proven business growth methodology. Since the tactics focus on generating revenue profitably and not just prospects. How soon can I see results from an inbound marketing and sales strategy? Another of the concerns of managers when investing in Inbound is the time in which results will be seen.

The reality is that we cannot (or anyone else) give an exact time, since there are multiple internal and external factors to your company that influence. However in an average strategy you will notice the following: From month 1 to month 3 , the traffic to your site will increase, the permanence of people on it and the first prospects will be generated. From month 4 to month 6 , you will notice an increase in lead generation and sales closings.

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