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This can be done using RSS to Push Automation – a common feature of push services. Now let’s take a closer look at metrics and how web push helps improve them. Hits Pageviews show how often users visit a given page. With its help you can find out which of your pages are the most popular. Pageviews are an engagement metric, alongside pages per session and time spent on the page. They signal to search engines whether the content is useful for Internet users. How push notifications affect page views Web push notifications help to increase the number of page views.

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Each time you send notifications, you will see click statistics in your push notification service. Which will be reflected in Google Analytics as the number of users for the campaign and the number of pageviews. The average click-through rate for push notifications is up to 5% for standard campaigns and up to 30% for targeted and transactional notifications. So if you Singapore Mobile Number List send your campaign to 10,000 subscribers, roughly 500 of them will visit your website. See a case study of how the media service attracted 300,000 monthly visitors thanks to push notifications. Bounce Rate The bounce rate determines how many people leave your site after viewing one page.

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The average bounce rate for pages in the top three search results is around 49%. So if you want to compete for the top positions, you need to make navigation on your website easier and create relevant and engaging content. How push notifications affect the bounce rate Push notification subscribers are loyal users of your website; otherwise, they would BS Leads have unsubscribed from the notifications. So they’re familiar with your website and it’s likely that their interest will positively impact your bounce rate. To illustrate this, below we present a case study of the Koovs online store that reduced the bounce rate by 12% thanks to the use of push notifications.

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