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Providing the possibility of link-building Benefit of transcription – Link building opportunities provided(Source: pixabay ) Link building can be challenging from time to time. In short, it is about internally linking to content on your own website and searching for external sources to link to your website at the same time. Moreover, video transcripts are a bingo for all sites looking to build links on their site. Transcripts can increase internal linking by referring to similar content on your site. For example, your transcript may include links to frequently asked questions, prices, product features, and other relevant pages. This way, visitors can stay on your site longer.

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According to Scribblr.ai, content that contains images, videos, and lists will get 70% more inbound links than content that doesn’t contain any videos on their site. So, if you really think about it, other websites try to do their best and drive traffic to your site with images and text; however, you can do it better by only having video content along with transcription Qatar Phone Number List services. Moreover, you increase your chances of building external links! 4. Transcription services reduce the bounce rate As video transcripts increase the level of traffic and engagement on your website, they broaden your audience, which reduces bounce rates and increases the average time spent on your site.

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In addition, transcripts deliver far more content to customers and consumers when they are on a website. A reasonable bounce rate is usually considered to be in the range of 26% to 40% ; anything BS Leads above this ratio is considered average or bad. Think about this, if a visitor is watching a video but cannot hear the audio, they will most likely leave the page. Transcription services help users understand the audio better, so they will want to stay longer and watch the movie until the end.

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