What To Measure In Social Networks?

The time has come to measure in social networks. It is not enough just to post on social networks regularly, and even do it well. It is essential to measure the performance of your publications on social networks , based on metrics that indicate that performance. Measuring in your social networks is knowing what the KPIs are in social networks , what is important to analyze in your social networks, and what is not, to know if you are going to achieve your social media goals . My job also as a Social Media Consultant is to measure the performance of the publications.

Definition of measure According to the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy), to measure is to compare a quantity with its respective unit, in order to find out how many times the second is contained in the first . Therefore, measuring is the action that involves comparing two units, the previous one, which serves as a base, with the one you are obtaining with the measurement. measure social networks Measuring in social networks, what is it?

What Concerns Us, In Social Networks

Thus, in measuring is comparing performance indicators or KPIs , in order to draw conclusions about how our social media strategy works. Measurement in social networks can be done manually, or with the help of tools if you have to handle a how to get a thai phone number lot of information. Now, we are going to determine what metrics to measure in your social networks to see how they are working, what is going wrong, and what you can improve, and what is working well for us, and we can optimize.

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Thus, it means that your metrics and indicators on social networks have to be achievable according to your current means, measurable with real data, comparable with other moments of your brand, and that they respond to a specific period of time. Difference Between Metrics and KPIs Many times metrics are confused with kpis in social networks. All kpis are metrics, but not all metrics are kpis. In other words, not all of them are useful to assess our performance on social networks, nor do they help us determine the achievement of social media objectives.

How Our Number Of Followers Is Increasing

Essential social media metrics for beginners Number of followers. The first metric to measure in social media is to see, or not. Especially for social media brand owners, this metric is an essential performance indicator that they obsess over. They want BS Leads more followers on social media . For me, it is not the essential metric, since. I have already told you, on previous occasions, that quality is better than quantity.

Thus, in social networks, it is better to have fewer but more active followers. Than to have thousands of followers on social networks. That they do not pay any attention to us when we publish. What to measure: evolution of followers by period (monthly, for example). Each month, note how many followers you have on each social network, and see how they grow . Scope The reach metric in social networks tells us the number of people we have reached. The total number of people who have seen our publications.

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