When It Comes to Local Seo, Having a Responsive Site is the Foundation of Any on-page Optimization Strategy.

As mobile searches increase every day and local searches are widely used when users are on the go, it is imperative that users be able to access from any type of device.

Google also knows that searches on these types of devices are on the rise and values ​​sites that offer a mobile-optimized experience . Therefore, if you want to appear at the top of the serps organically within local searches, you need responsiveness.

That means that your site must offer good navigation on any screen size that the user uses.

Embracing responsiveness also means clearly defining what information is most important to the user entering from a phone or tablet.

Phone contact and directions, for example, are probably more important than the “about us” page for someone on the go.

Execute Content Marketing Focused on the Region

Before having a responsive site, another tip for relevancy optimization to position your site in organic results is to adopt a content marketing strategy focused on the region.

That includes producing content related to the R&D Directors Email Lists locality. If, for example, you have an inn located in cancun, you can start publishing posts with tips about beaches, tourist spots, and schedules for holidays in that region.

Another tip is to do a search for keywords that are similar to what the users of that place are looking for. In the case of the inn, that can optimize content for terms like “inn in cancun” or “where to stay in cancun”.

How to Do a Keyword Search for Local Seo?

R&D Directors Email Lists

Keyword research is the guide to Content Marketing strategies. This practice identifies good positioning opportunities and helps define the guidelines for the production of materials.

For that, you can start by thinking about keyword variations that may have something to do with your business . For a Japanese restaurant, for example, we find options such as:

Different keywords of the spin, such as: Japanese restaurant and Japanese food, sushi.
Keyword modifiers in the spin: best Japanese restaurant, cheap Japanese food, or Japanese food delivery.
Geographic keyword modifiers: Japanese restaurant in Guadalajara, Japanese food in downtown, Japanese in Jalisco.
To get more keyword ideas, you can use SEO tools to help you build a list of keywords that will later be used in content on your site or in a section on Google My Business.

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