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Since SQL attacks detect vulnerable and unpatched sites, they make the hacking job easier and effective. Usage of My SQL / cPanel: In this method. Hackers create a fake account or modify the password of the current WP website user. Hackers try to penetrate cPanel by opening PhpMyAdmin. They look for a table ending in _users and find the user they want to modify. This will allow them to change the credentials of the user they are about to hack. They track the user and change his password (from the user pass field) by opening the online MD5 generator , replacing it with the one you want, and then clicking.

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Using my SQL / cPanel(Usernames, their password stitches, email IDs, etc. are stored in the wp_users database table. Usernames, their encrypted passwords, email IDs, etc. are Uganda Phone Number List stored in the wp_users database table. Editing the Functions.php file: Hackers also access cPanel to modify the Functions.php file. By unlocking File Manager, they hunt for the active theme folder. In the public_html / wp_content / themes folder, they track the theme and edit their functions php file, putting their compromised code in it.

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The hack is already underway because the hackers have created a new account. After doing so, hackers remove compromised code. Create a new user account via FTP: Overall, FTP accounts help website owners generate directories within the site that allow specific users to upload download files using their credentials. These files are also viewed on the Internet. Steps BS Leads to create an FTP account on the site Enter the required data Enter the username for the new FTP user Enter the password to access the account via FTP Enter the name of the directory you want to access via FTP. Enter the desired amount of MB of disk space that you want to allocate to this directory Later press the “Create” button to create a new account.

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