Which Gathered Accurate Conduit CN?

Which gathered accurate Conduit CN questionnaire feedback. From 20 provinces  including municipalities and autonomous regions. The survey samples are from the penguin. Zhiku survey and the wechat platform. And the sample background is similar to the distribution of chinese netizens. Such a broad and balanced Conduit CN research background makes. It possible to use data to map the chinese new year’s holiday map in the internet age. 1. The taste of mobile phones is getting stronger. In the last year, and the penetration rate of life services is considerabl. After comparing survey data from 20 provinces. We found that mobile phones are playing an important role in activities related to the spring festival.

Fields with High Conduit CN

Mobile phone penetration Conduit CN participation include. The migration of elders to mobile phones is the real. Universalization for the survey of internet users. There is a possible blind spot that the survey sample. Does not cover enough Conduit CN middle-aged and elderly users. Therefore, in this survey, we specially set up a questionnaire. On the behavior of middle-aged and elderly users using mobile phones during the spring festival. According to the survey, about half of the middle-aged and elderly people do not have the habit of using mobile phones to participate in spring festival activities (55.5%).

But This Ratio Conduit CN

Conduit CN

Is not surprising, and it is even Conduit CN more optimistic. Than what we usually think of the elders. A small number of elders around them use mobile phones to participate in the spring festival activities, accounting for 31.2%. However, 13.3% of users found Conduit CN that many elders around them started the “spring festival on mobile phones”. To sum up, 44.5% of netizens reported that the middle-aged and elderly relatives and friends around them began. To try to use their mobile phones to participate in some spring festival activities. Considering that some netizens reported that there are. More mobile phone groups” among middle-aged and elderly relatives and friends, the actual situation. Of this part of the survey should be more optimistic.

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