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While Pandora does not have the [.]com domain. It’s high time to make sure that cyber criminals don’t make love to your data. But how? 1. Train your employees Cyber ​​criminals do not only look at new technologies, but also at techniques from marketing. They know that people respond better when an offer is tailored exactly to them. You can arm your employees against these kinds of attacks with good training.

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That is to say: training sessions in which they really experience what happens during such an attack. During such a crisis simulation, employees are. Confronted with, for example, a ransomware attack. What do you do if you suddenly encrypt Canada WhatsApp Number List business-critical data at lightning speed? Or if cybercriminals threaten to publish datasets with personal details of your customers?

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Just like with a physical business incident, act quickly to prevent worse. Also read: 4 simple tips for more secure passwords Or what about an employee who accidentally clicks on a link in a phishing message and enters his details. You also want training that is tailored to the type of employee. Because people think and react differently. Furthermore, your people regularly have to do repetitive exercises.

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