Why Attracting Customers In B2b Companies Is Now More Difficult?

Why is it now more complex to attract customers in B2B companies ? The evolution of the purchasing process is one of the reasons, know how to adapt to it. attracting-b2b-clients-because-now-it-is-more-difficult The way of selling has changed, because the way of buying has evolved. However, only a few sales directors and CEO’s have considered these changes in their growth strategy. Attracting customers in B2B companies is now more difficult: 5 reasons We’ll look at five big reasons why attracting customers in B2B companies is now more complex for sales teams.

The buyer is in control of the process In times when information was concentrated in the sales force, the buyer was interested in having an in-depth conversation with a salesperson. Now, the prospect researches on the internet , the information of your solutions and those of your competitors. To attract new customers in B2B companies, it is key to generate content that adds value to the buyer. >> Learn 3 ways to attract potential customers in this free webinar.

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You have a lot of competition looking for the buyer’s attention You are not only competing with the companies that are your direct competitors, you are competing against all the companies that are looking for the attention and time of the buyer. 3. There are more people actively participating in the purchase decision B2C companies only have to¬†china phone number list win over one person at a time. For B2B companies, especially those that sell any type of product that is quite complicated or expensive, you have to go a long way. In B2B purchasing processes, an average of 5 to 10 people are involved, although perhaps only two have contact with the sales team.

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In this scenario, influencing with valuable content that allows showing. The differences of our solution, as well as the seller’s ability to navigate the organization is key. 4. Decision makers are very busy Paradoxically, decision makers need a financial justification for the approval of the purchase, especially with large projects, however, evaluation. In this context, to influence adequately, they need the proposal to be simple, logical and persuasive. From a marketing perspective you need to be to the point and relevant to the challenge at hand, as shoppers have a low tolerance for irrelevant content that only wastes their time and fills up their inbox.

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Consequently the sales cycle is longer Depending on the industry. The sales cycle can take anywhere from 1 week to 12 months . Studies even indicate that in recent years sales cycles have been extended by more than 20%. Therefore marketing and sales must work hand in hand to build a relationship instead of having a transactional approach. How to attract customers in B2B companies? Companies looking to accelerate their growth must evolve their business strategy, adapting to how the buying process has changed. Know 4 ways to do it.

Align marketing and sales to the growth strategy In a context where. The prospect builds more than 60% of his purchase decision. Researching his problems and evaluating options, before speaking with a salesperson; marketing and sales must work as one team . The B2B marketing strategy must start from a deep understanding of who the ideal customer. Who influences the purchase process and what our value proposition is for each of them. In our experience, this is the first step in starting to consistently attract customers. The sales process must be aligned to the purchase process.

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