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Also, they make it very easy to browse the information through the many buttons in the homepage and the sticky header with all the links. 16. Pacific Rim Automotive Inc’s website has a number of strong CTAs that allow visitors to Brazil WhatsApp Number List contact for more information at any time. Their phone numbers are display at the top and bottom of each page. The store’s website is simple and clearly lists the services it offers. 17. Repair Revolution Repair Revolution has a red, white and blue color scheme for a professional look to the auto repair shop.

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There is a video on the homepage that better explains what the business offers. Also, all services are list on the homepage with pictures. Both testimonials and social media links can be found on the Brazil WhatsApp Number List homepage. 18. Hawthorne Auto Clinic The web design of this site is very clean and easy to follow. A video and multiple pictures grab the viewer’s attention. Hawthorne did a great job explaining what they offer and more details about the business and team.

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On the homepage, there’s an Instagram section that shows you what customers are saying about the company, and the business also keeps people up to date, which drives the business. 19. Avi Auto Repair LLC Avi Auto Repair LLC strives to inspire customer interaction. Key information such as hours of operation, phone numbers, and a contact form to request an  appointment. These are visible and easy to find. On the home page, a list of available services is provided along with a button so that visitors can contact and learn more about each service. This business builds confidence by offering recommendations and vehicle tips.

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