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CES 2022 took place in Las Vegas in early January. Previously, there was plenty of speculation, would the largest exhibition in the field of (consumer) electronics take place because of the pandemic? Last year, CES was completely digital. Fine in itself, but not the same experience. My conclusion? It is good for the tech soul to really see many companies again.

Sometimes not an option either

And to see that innovation continues, corona or not. Traveling in times of corona is a stressful affair. Sudden quarantine duty (two days before my departure) from 5-10 days after return, negative PCR test to and from the US causes stress. Wearing Sweden WhatsApp Number List a mouth cap all day is also something that is unpleasant, but you do it anyway. And despite all these things I was still in Las Vegas, as one of the few Dutch visitors. Instead of the 170,000 usual visitors, there was a group of 45,000, so a quarter.

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Pay yourself in the supermarket

What is the impact of such a smaller group of visitors on the fair and the exhibitors? CES 2022 during corona Not only large companies such as Microsoft and Google withdrew a few days before the start of the fair, many smaller companies (including journalists) also indicated that they did not want to go to Las Vegas. That is everyone’s right, but every disadvantage also has its advantage.

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