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The rate of engagement in social networks measures the degree of commitment of our followers with our content . Come on, whether you care what we tell you or not. To do this, we collect various metrics like likes, loves (etc), comments, shares, saves, clicks, etc, and break it down for reach. What to measure: The interactions received in in that period. conversions Here we see if users do what we have asked them to do from social networks. For example, downloading an ebook, clicking on a post that leads to the web, capturing leads or quality contacts, sales from social networks, etc. What to measure: according to our objective (sales, leads, traffic, etc), determine the conversions and see the ones we have achieved in a given period of time (a month, for example) .

A Given Period Divided By The Reach

Social Metrics Make your own social media dashboard Everything you want to measure about your brand, put it in a social media dashboard, with its metrics and performance indicators or kpis. Make a template , in Excel for example, by months, and determine those indicators in another column. And you are completing the rows buy phone number database month by month. To do this, you can help yourself with tools that extract the data from your statistics on social networks , but for interpretation, such as Metricool, Hootsuite, Google Analytics or Brandwatch, among many others. If your small business has to be in many, or several (more than 3), you may not have time to dedicate to it as it deserves. To take , a social media consultant who determines with you the strategy to follow, and then follow it.

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buy phone number database

That Present Them Globally And More Attractive

Conclusion: social networks for my company Plan the steps to follow for your Social Media Plan , and get off to a good start on social networks. And if you already have some time in networks, stop, do a Social Media Audit , and then plan your strategy in social networks . Well, it’s time to organize the work by days of the week. Not every day is as lively. For me, for example, starting the week every Monday is very difficult for me, after the weekend. I put the most important tasks from Tuesday to Friday . And because of my family schedule and work organization with the little ones, Thursdays and Fridays are very good for me.

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