Write Valuable Guest Posts That Show You as an Authority

Guest posting is a great way to start building your social proof validity and develop your narrative as an industry leader. In addition, they are safe ways to get backlinks on high authority websites.

To be successful with a guest post, you should know very well what your potential ally might be interested in.

So you can think about what topic your company can contribute to. Once you write the text, make sure to optimize the following aspects:

Anchor text
It is convenient to take advantage of this anchor text to link your website with the most relevant keywords for your business. For example, if you sell food products, your anchor text could be “Healthy eating”.

Destination url This is the link to the website that you will promote in your strategy.

Ideally it is the page you would like to attract more traffic to.

However, keep in mind that your potential allies are meticulous with the links they put on their website, so it is recommended that you direct traffic to one of your best blog posts instead of a form or a product page.

In addition, google values ​​the Hospital Mailing Lists naturalness of the links, so if you put a hyperlink to your sales page, the search engine algorithm may interpret that you are cheating to sell more and thus will not consider it relevant to improve your credibility in its rankings. .

If you want to know more about the best practices of guest posting and how to use it in your digital pr plan, do not hesitate to download our complete and free guide on the subject below.

Offer valuable data about your market with research

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Besides a guest post, what else can you do to boost your digital public relations? How about carrying out a study on consumers or a projection on your sector.

Once you have the results, do not hesitate to share some brushstrokes with the most relevant data in some specialized media of relevance to gain natural mentions. This generates a snowball effect where more and more media will cite your study.

6. Identify trending topics
If your company knows how to use social networks, Google Trends or BuzzSumo to identify trends in your sector, it’s time to share it by creating related content!

This type of information is quality raw material , not only for the media, but for other companies in your segment.

Plus, if there’s breaking news in your industry, you can join the conversation and gain coverage by offering your expert knowledge to journalists. Not only does this increase your exposure, it also benefits media SEO .

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