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Practice what you preach. You not only say that you are there for your target group, you also do it. Several mayors have understood this well.Post Wouter Kolff FacebookOn January 12, 2022, Wouter Kolff (mayor of the municipality of Dordrecht) openly supported an action by local entrepreneurs. Kolff gives an important signal here: ‘I hear you, I see you, I understand you and I am there for you.’ He does this empathically and diplomatically, gives his support, but in the meantime also (subtly) points out the measures in force.

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‘In the meantime, I call on everyone to adhere to the corona measures in force.’ 2. Let someone else tell your story through social media The largest active group of users on social media consists of people between 14 and 60 years old. This group Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List takes a message for truth when told by a peer rather than a company. A message from the government is usually questioned in the current zeitgeist.

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So how do you ensure that your message gets through? By working together with residents or other key persons with whom the target group can identify. At the end of last year, the Municipality of Oegstgeest campaigned on the collection of organic waste. Still video Oegstgeest GFT campaignResidents of Oegstgeest show the complete GFT processing process in short videos.

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