You Can Use a Blog Post or Graphic That Includes Outdated Information.

You may have to rewrite a fair amount of text, depending on the topic, but more likely you’ll just have to change a sentence or two to get the post up to date again.

When you’ve done this, you can share the updated article and watch it cause new engagement, which will help your SEO and give you fresh content with minimal effort.

But it’s not just about updating content to fit today’s standards; You can also share popular content with your entire audience: from the people who saw the post back then, to the people who are consuming it now.

This is a wonderful way to tap into nostalgia,

While also getting something to CIO & CTO Email List post, without having to create content from scratch.

Ways to reuse content
In addition to updating existing content, there are numerous ways you can reuse content in different ways. Below you will see some.

From blog posts to infographics
66% of marketers have seen more engagement from their audience after using interactive content .

You can easily reuse your content, being interactive.

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This will increase your readership because interactive content is read much faster.

Best of all, it increases your chances of being remembered by the reader, as they tend to be actively involved.

An infographic can help you repurpose your content like in the example below. You can make infographics from old articles to give them a new life.

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