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In this search, Google shows results from: Webshops where you Taiwan Phone Number can buy coffee online (commercial search intent) Local search results for nearby coffee shops (navigating search intent) Blogs about the best coffee hotspots in town (comparative search intent) Video tutorials on how to make the perfect cup of coffee (informational search intent) As you can see, all four of the previously described intentions are reflected here in the results. Google uses Taiwan Phone Number this to give mixed signals about the needs of the user. A classic case of mixed intent. Go through the rest of the steps in this step-by-step plan to determine the correct content format, even with a mixed search intent.

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Also read: 21 free SEO tools in a row Step 2. Research which content formats the competition is using To determine the search intent, you have already looked at the Taiwan Phone Number content formats of the competition. Now rethink these content formats with a fresh, critical eye. Which formats do they use to accommodate the customer’s needs? What elements Taiwan Phone Number is the page made up of? What are the Similarities of the Top Position Pages? If they all use (approximately) the same format, this actually reveals how you can best design your page. If the first three results all have a calculation tool on the page, this is an indication, for example, that you will not make it with just copy.

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Focus on competitors who are essentially doing the same as you Do you see different formats passing by, for example because there is a mixed search intent? Then focus Taiwan Phone Number mainly on the formats of comparable parties. Is the main activity of your company blogging? Then research how blogs with good positions shape their content. Do they use images or videos to best answer the user’s query? Do they let experts speak to improve their content quality? Or do they use a specific tool to capture the search intent? This will give you insights into the best way to build Taiwan Phone Number Vand design your content. write Step 3. Think beyond the competition In step 2, you researched the competition’s content formats.

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