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The legend says that if you say it three times in a mirror, neil patel will appear and tell you how to create better content. No matter the situation or the business, this idea has since Czech Republic Phone Number become a staple of many marketing strategies. And it doesn’t look like that sentiment will change in 2017 or anytime soon. Which bodes well for me, since content is one of the strategies that I actually understand relatively well. If you look at the chart below, content marketing leads the pack of top rated marketing techniques. Source it nearly doubled a perennial favorite, mobile marketing, and dominated paid search. 50 Compelling Visuals Boost Facebook and Twitter Shares You may also notice that “creating visual content” was also considered a high priority by content marketers.

Yet so many companies still use this tactic

As in 35% of marketers, they said they use stock photos the most for their marketing visuals. But we found that a related and compelling visual on facebook would lead to more engagement. Here is Czech Republic Phone Number an example that resulted in a very high ctr and low cpc:you know exactly what you’re clicking or sharing with that particular visual, and it’s eye-catching! So take a minute or two and create a visually stunning image to go with your content to capitalize on that increased traffic and click potential And in 2016, this number rose to 53%! Unsurprisingly, when asked how integral visual content would be to their strategies in 2017, 60.8% said it was absolutely necessary. So, remember that content Czech Republic Phone Number marketing as a trend does not only apply to written content, but also encompasses visual content such as infographics, data visualizations, visual reports, etc

Indeed, whatever the situation

Czech Republic Phone Number

visuals enhance any content. And that includes anything you send to facebook or twitter. By simply including an image or visual, your actions are multiplied by 2.3. Every share sent by your business page must include a visual. Wait, I take that back – everyone should have an attractive, beautiful, and relevant visual. No stock images, low quality or unrelated images. Thereby:I mean, how does this image even relate to the title? Moreover, it will not attract anyone’s attention, your audience will pass it without hesitation. Your Audience Is a Lot Savvier Than You Think, and They probably won’t engage with a bad photo.

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