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If you’re looking to hire a website maintenance service, you’re probably wondering what they do. These are the tasks they perform: Standard Annual Check: Once a year, site owners should test their site and/or checklist Argentina WhatsApp Number List from top to bottom. This includes checking that the urls of recently added pages are still available, that links are no longer functioning properly, and verifying that all important content is up to date. Forms: Test forms and checkout processes quarterly. We recommend performing this very important task on a quarterly basis. Monthly software updates.

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Make sure your hosting software, security systems, and any other third-party software are updated. This will ensure you have the latest website features while staying safe. Back up your website: When something goes Argentina WhatsApp Number List wrong online, you can lose astronomical amounts of time and money. Check monthly to make sure all website backups are working properly. You may also want to back up your data manually to make sure you don’t lose any data. Check key metrics weekly: Check your site at least once a week with analytics tools like Google Analytics.

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Check your KPIs and make sure you’re on track to meet your goals. If not, make an update and check how these changes affect your site’s performance the next time you review key metrics. It’s worth noting that this isn’t Argentina WhatsApp Number List an exhaustive list, but it does cover the most important website maintenance tasks. Make sure to update your Joomla website now, or check out WebCitz for help now! Website maintenance. Make sure there are no 404 pages Conclusion A well-maintained website is essential to a successful business.

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