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Only if you look at the customer experience over the entire process, can you as an organization structurally improve the total customer experience . How do you become a customer-centric champion? How do you make marketing and sales truly the champions of customer centricity? This requires three key ingredients. 1. Management Commitment First, you must have commitment from management.

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A focus on CX is a strategic choice, so management must support it and also facilitate this choice by, for example, aligning marketing and sales Slovenia WhatsApp Number List targets. This ‘commitment’ or ‘buy-in’ is also necessary because it requires investment in changes within the organization in terms of skills, time, people and technology. 2. The right technology.

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The right technology is indispensable for good CX focus throughout your organization and the customer journey. For sales and marketing teams, the following tools are particularly valuable. Powerful solution for marketing automation solid CRM good email tool for sales, marketing and support account-based marketing solution sales intelligence-platform feedback solution 3. From CX-ambassadors Third, you need ambassadors .

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