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Eye-catching miniature Compelling Thumbnail(Image source: Unsplash. Even though viewers will read the title first, it is the thumbnail that catches their eye first. In a split second, after seeing a thumbnail, users decide whether they want to watch the video or not. Therefore, use a thumbnail that is relevant to the content of the video and persuasive to persuade users to click on it. How do thumbnails improve SEO of video content? An engaging thumbnail image can improve various marketing metrics, including clicks, impressions, shares, etc. YouTube platform generates thumbnails every time you upload videos.

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Custom thumbnails have a higher engagement (play) rate. You can use any video frame as thumbnails or edit it to make it more attractive. However, make sure the thumbnails are not misleading. The right video hosting platform Before, brands only had YouTube to host their videos. The alternative was to upload them to your server and publish them on the website, which could actually increase the cost of the website . This has changed because there are so many possibilities now. Despite this, YouTube seems to be the platform of choice for people who want to build brand awareness and be thought leaders. Other platforms that are gaining popularity among brands and marketers are Vimeo, Wistia, etc.

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There are some advantages to hosting your videos on platforms other than YouTube. Some experts believe that YouTube’s “linked” and “suggested” videos can distract viewers from the brand. When looking for video hosting services, make sure the player loads faster, doesn’t weigh too much, and is packed with SEO metadata features. The hosting BS Leads platform must also provide an embedding option for the brand to send the video directly to the user’s inbox using email marketing software . Use the correct tags and video categories Without proper tagging and categorization, your video can get lost among billions of YouTube videos.

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