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You can also create additional pages for it, such as a “Calculators” or “FAQ” page that link to specific posts with relevant information. Use as blog content If you’ve been successful with this type of content on your website, you can even use it to write guest posts! As long as it has all the relevant information your readers will value and is relevant to your target audience, there’s no reason why it can’t be reused as a guest post on another page – who knows, you might even get some links feedback in the process! For example, suppose you run a boutique hotel in Wales.

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You may have a popular hotel post, which gives you all the essential information about your hotel – from room prices to hotel amenities. This is enough content for a blog post, but you can use it as guest blogging Sri Lanka Phone Number List material by reloading it and posting it to another travel blog. This is a great way to improve your hotel SEO . So now that we know what core content is, what its benefits are, and how to use it on your own website, let’s see how you can create good content that meets all of the above criteria. They do this because they want to find what they’re looking for, and don’t have the time to search the internet on their own.

Sri Lanka Phone Number List

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How to Write Good Foundation-Based Content How to write good core content(Source: Unsplash ) There is no magic formula to create the perfect content foundational for your website – however, there BS Leads are some guidelines you should follow! Keep them relevant and engaging As we’ve already noted, search engines attach great importance to relevant and engaging content. Therefore, you should make sure that each post is unique and has all the information your readers expect – don’t be afraid to be creative though! Be helpful It is important to remember that people use search engines for their own benefit.

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