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If your site loads too slowly, it’s easy for users to get frustrated and click close. This results in a high bounce rate, which you definitely don’t want on your site! In fact, about 50% of site visitors will leave the site if it takes Uganda WhatsApp Number List than 3 seconds to load. Also, Google and other search engines use page speed as a ranking factor. If your page speed is slow, Google will start lowering your rankings. Using a tool like PageSpeed ​​Insights will help you identify any issues with your pages and ways you or your web development or marketing team can help you optimize.

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Them mobile friendly What does it mean to have a mobile-friendly website? Mobile friendliness refers to the usability and responsiveness of your website on mobile devices. So your website will look great whether it’s Uganda WhatsApp Number List on a Samsung Galaxy phone or an iPhone. It turns out that Google also counts mobile friendliness as a factor in search rankings, so you don’t want to ignore this important factor in on-page SEO! Wondering how your website ranks for mobile friendliness? Check out Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool! You will need to discuss the most effective keywords with your SEO expert.

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Use the most important keywords at the top and make sure to mix them throughout the title, don’t include your keyword in every title. To prevent your keywords from being use in every Uganda WhatsApp Number List synonyms. Instead picture Images are also an important aspect of SEO. One of the benefits of images is that they break down your content and provide context for what the user is reading. For example, an infographic will provide specific details about what they’re reading and “highlight” the most important parts of your content.

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