Dare to show yourself and be vulnerable

Final score: public confidence in the government has once again been badly damaged. For example, we read in Het Parool : ‘In a year and a half, the percentage of Dutch people who have a lot of confidence in the government has fallen drastically: from 70 percent in April last year (2020) to less than 30 percent in September 2021. This is shown by research by three universities and several municipalities.’

Finally, we believe

Regain the trust We can scratch our heads, wondering how this is possible and where this distrust comes from. But as (online) Canada WhatsApp Number List communication professionals we are practical and solution-oriented, we prefer to focus on a solution. Regain trust, prove ourselves and fight for our goal: to reduce the distance between government and society bit by bit.

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We see that the more

Social media is not the ultimate solution, but it is certainly the start of a solution. How do you handle that? We give you four tips for free! 1. Not words, but deeds Saying you’re there for your resident is very noble and might be obvious if you’re a local driver. It is more powerful if you just show this. When a relationship of trust is under pressure, words hardly make an impression.

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