In the giant era of cross-border e-commerce, talk about the evolution of “Little Red Book”

In July 2019, the Xiaohongshu App was removed from the shelves due to suspected violations of community content. It took more than 2 months for it to be put on the shelves in major app stores one after another.

Just as Xiaohongshu was back on the shelves, in September 2019, NetEase Koala, the largest “dark horse” in the e-commerce industry in recent years, was acquired by Ali for $20 and changed its name to, Tmall International and The sum of the market shares exceeds 50% of the total market value. So far, a dominant pattern in the cross-border import e-commerce industry has been formed.

Industry Analysis

From 2005 to 2007, in the era of “daigou” known as cross-border shopping, the first sellers were mainly international students, and the buyers were often relatives, friends or acquaintances of overseas students in China, because they could earn the price difference and make a lot of profits. , there is a Thailand Phone Number professional purchasing agent. With the rise of professional daigou, some professional daigou opened stores one after another on Taobao. From 2007 to 2013, this stage was called the “overseas shopping” era of cross-border shopping. Since 2014, the cross-border e-commerce industry has entered the era of “cross-border import”, and imported cross-border e-commerce has continued to emerge.


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In August 2014, the General Administration of Customs issued documents known as “No. 56” and “No. 57. Gradually clarifying the supervision of cross-border e-commerce. And goods purchased through cross-border e-commerce channels only need to pay postal tax.  Exempted from customs duties, value-added tax and consumption tax in ordinary import trade. This has made domestic e-commerce companies realize that the window period of cross-border e-commerce is coming. And e-commerce giants have deployed in the field of cross-border e-commerce.

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