Redes sociales y gobierno: cómo mantener a los

We might assume that social media and government don’t mix. The reality, though? Government agencies and officials represent some of the most engaged users on social media in general. And in terms of social media’s ability to “do good,” look no further than government accounts like those run by FEMA, NASA, and the NHS. From keeping people informed during a global crisis to entertaining and educating the public, government and social media don’t necessarily have to be “boring.”

But there’s no denying the challenges of managing a government account in an era when trust in government is on the decline. That said, engaging citizens is not just an expectation for government accounts: it’s a civic duty. In this guide, we’ll highlight the best examples of government use of social media and key takeaways for managers running official accounts. How to use government social media effectively Comparing social media and government to brands or businesses can seem like apples and oranges.

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Social is not tied to the sale of a product or service, keep in mind that their overall goals are not that different. Establish a sense of  trust with your community as your follower count grows? Check. Respond to comments and questions from your followers? Double check. Keep followers informed and updated? Definitely. The beauty of social media and government is that your community and constituency are already there.

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So, your job is to post content that grabs the attention of your followers while also encouraging engagement. Below are some strategies to do just that. Be a source of community news and updates Perhaps the most important and obvious role of government social media accounts is to serve as a source of community updates. This includes everything from events and road closures to upcoming policy changes and breaking news.

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local (think: the New York City school system) or the public. In general (think: the FDA or the EPA), keep in mind that it is more than. Your audience is likely following you because they want to hear from you. Therefore, news should be the cornerstone of your content strategy as a government account. In recent years, we have seen social media crisis management in action for many government agencies and offices, including real-time updates in response to COVID-19.

Social networks provide people with a source. More timely and first-hand information compared to local news. Of course, not everything related to government and social media is necessarily doom and gloom. Celebrating milestones, success stories, and other encouraging updates gives them. His followers something to look forward to beyond the news itself. Respond to questions and concerns from your community. Social media can be its own kind of public forum and venue. For government officials to interact with constituents.

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